We are who we are


Founded in 2006, Ipologica takes its name from a discovery, a word that generates the meeting between the two largest fields of human nature: logic and sensitive impulse.

In this magical combination, Ipologica seeks balance in the conflict between real and surreal, technology and human, individualism and collectivity, silence and noise.

Ipologica resonates in the fractures created by the contrast between human nature and the whole universe, looking for a hybrid language that puts in communication what, at first judgment, seems different.

Ipologica is exploration, connection, fusion of languages and disciplines.

Valentina Mignogna
Creative Director & Media Coordinator

Valentina Mignogna

Sound artist, performer, singer, writer and composer with a strong addiction on multi-artistic languages!

Born in Rome and graduated at Paolo Grassi Theater Academy in Milan, Valentina has experience as a creative and versatile author and performer. She works as creator and producer for sound design, multimedia arts, audio / video productions and she coordinates all Ipologica communication projects. She is also a songwriter, director and actress. Her music project is called "Pentesilea".
Fabio Sestili
Founder & General Manager

Fabio Sestili

Sound engineer and dj with a great passion for cooking. He has all the skills to cook music all day long.

Fabio is an electronic musician and DJ, sound designer and performer. He graduated at IITM Italian Music Technologies Institute as sound engineer and live technician and over time he implemented his skills with mix and mastering professional training. His great passion for music resulted in the creation of the Ipologica artistic collective where he carries an approach of dynamic work and a focus on a high quality of the sound experience.

Sara De Santis


Pianist, keyboardist, producer & songwriter. Her magical touch gains Ipologica’s universe!

Giulio Maresca

Founder & Electronic Music Producer

He's one of our music mastermind. A Giulio Maresca's beat is forever.

Elisa Antonacci - Liz

Visual Designer

Graphic designer, visual artist and party girl! She contributes to visua-Liz our ideas!

Daniele Giuffrida

Programmer & Visual Artist

He's our know-how-man. When we have programming and multimedia problems, he knows how to fix it.

Sara Petracca

Video Editor

She helps us shape our video products.

Giulia Natalia Comito

Photographer & Videomaker

Her touch makes us look more and more beautiful. Everytime. Everywhere.

Cristina Crippa

Photographer & Videomaker

Video and photo making are only two of her multiple skills. She's known also as Crippi-maker, because everything she makes looks always really good.

Sara Lamanna

Production & Logistic Manager

Both in critical situations and everyday tasks, Sara is a great organizer and problem solver!


Social Media Partner

They help us to survive in the absurd world of constant sociability.

Gianluca Meloni

Audio Consultant

Personal Music Trainer, Sound Engineer, Electronic Musician. He is our technical mentor (very patient), and helps us to not destroy your ears!


We design our setup with a hybrid approach to merge analogue and digital world both for technical and creative workflow, and we love it!
  • Computer:
    Mac Mini M1
  • DAW:
    Ableton Live 11
    Izotope RX
  • Audio Soundcard:
    RME UC
  • Mixer:
    SSL Big Six
  • Monitoring:
    Control Room Audient NERO
    Dynaudio BM5 MKIII + Sub S9
    iLoud Micro Monitor
  • Headphones:
    SPL Phonitor One D preamplifier
    Acustica Audio Sienna
    Ollo S4X + S4R (we are endorser!)
    Beyerdynamic DT990
  • Master/Bus processor:
    Avalon vt 747 sp

  • Hardware:
    Strymon Bigsky + Timeline
    Boss DD220 delay
  • Software:
    Waves Horizon Bundle
    Plugin Alliance: BX Console N (Neve VXS console Emulation), BX Digital V3, BX Masterdesk, BX XL V2, Dangerous BAX Eq, Elysia Alpha Master, Black Box Analog Design, Bettermaker EQ232D, Drawmer S73, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A
    Tokyo Dawn Labs

  • Hardware:
    Moog Slim Phatty
    Minilogue XD
    Roland SH01A
    Roland TR8S
  • Software:
    Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6
    Native Instruments Komplete 13
    Lennar Digital Sylenth
    Sonic Charge Microtonic