Pentesilea Live AV

Pentesilea Live AV is the audio video version of Pentesilea’s live concert with the interaction of her songs performed live and the video manipulation done in real time.

The musical aspect is rich in nuances ranging from acoustic singer-songwriting to electronic pop. The video manipulation becomes the direct digital and visual expression of what happens on stage both from a musical and physical – performative point of view.

The video is generated entirely live thanks to the light element without which any type of visualization would be impossible. Using a camera positioned on the stage, Liz films Pentesilea and the stage. The footage is captured and processed in real time, to then be sent back to the screen in the form of a constantly changing geometric and colored “digital vision”.

Pentesilea’s vocals and effects create different sound levels in a delicate balance between naturalness and artifice. Her background as actress with the production by Fabio Sestili and the live visuals by Liz give the ultimate touch to a captivating and charming live a/v show.



Pentesilea: voice, loop station, fx
Fabio Sestili: sequences, fx
LiZ: visual, camera live, video effects

Performed at:

LPM Preview al Wegil (Rome – IT) – 2019

Credit Photo: Giulia Natalia Comito

Caffè Letterario (Rome – IT) – 2019

Credit Photo: Margherita Masé