1. Fabio Sestili – Lovely Place
2. Giulio Maresca – Diyapason

IPOLTD001 is a split ep made by the two founders of Ipologica, Fabio Sestili and Giulio Maresca. IPOLTD001 is a summary of the styles and soundscapes of Ipologica itself, the two artists bring on 7” two tracks strongly related to their background and music paths.

Fabio Sestili – Lovely Place
Lovely Place is a breakbeat / downtempo style electronic tune for listening purpose. The colors of melodies bring the listener to dreamy and sweet mood. Minimalists quotes of the rhythmic texture creates movements and a feeling of lightness. Lovely Place is perfect to drive you in light-hearted introspection moments.

Giulio Maresca – Diyapason
Diyapason is a dreamy techno environment, swingy rhythms and synths creates an hypnotic journey in balance between different styles, an acid bassline lead the track while classic 808 sounds give structure, a semi modular synth creates alive distant soundscapes together with a custom sample based pad; a repetitive slightly melancholic melody goes up and down surfing the vibes. The track was recorded live and minor editing where made. Giulio choose the 3rd take to be released.

released February 25, 2019

Photo: Barbara Lanza
Mastering: Francesco Pierguidi at Loudnproud.it
Vinyl Cut: Giuseppe Rizzuto at Vinylab.it