Fabio Sestili Meletao 2018

Fabio Sestili at Meletao Festival 2018

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It’s hard to explain with words the incredibile experience of Meletao Festival 2018. It’s a story about heart, fire, well-being, spirituality and breathtaking landscape. It’s about bridges built to connect people and embankments. It’s about things done with love. Now we are ready to welcome a new working season with a lot of positive energy. […]

Near Death

Fabio Sestili sonorize “Near Death”

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Fabio Sestili sonorized the light installation “Near Death” made by the artist Diego Labonia. The light installation has been realized in a cavern in the center of Rome. “You can not describe it, you can not believe it, you have to live! It is an attempt to recreate a place that has the best chance […]