Ipologica sound design services


We offer sound design and music production services for artists, installations, brands, advertising agencies, app developers, video makers, labels and everyone else who needs music and sound related services or consultation.

Our team is skilled and experienced in different fields with both an artistic and technical background, check out our portfolio to see some of our works.

We do:

  • Sound Design
  • Music Production
  • Songwriting
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Audio Editing
  • Audio Restoration
Ipologica sound design services

Sound Design

With sound design, we create bespoken sounds for different fields such as cinema, installations, sound logos and apps, promotional videos, and automotive.

Music production

Music Production

Through music production, we give concrete shape to written songs. At this stage, we define the genre, choose the instruments, take care of the arrangement and bring the track to life.

songrwriting with a piano


Songwriting is the art of writing and creating songs in a mix of melody, lyrics, verses and choruses.

audio mixing


With mixing, all individual parts of production are blended together to create an overall clean and distinctive sound. At this stage, the volumes, frequencies and spatialisation of each segment are adjusted.

mastering service


Mastering is the last step: the sound is optimized to make the piece playable on different listening systems.

audio editing

Audio Editing

With audio restoration, we put the finishing touches on your recordings to eliminate any background noise.

audio restoration

Audio Restoration

We use audio editing to clean up audio files: we can fix the vocals in a recording, edit or replace parts of instruments in a song, cut, copy and creatively paste different parts of the audio track.

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