ONN People

ONN People interactive installation is an audio/video installation constantly evolving.

ONN People interactive installation

The audience finds itself entering inside the projected images
and shaping their visual yield.

The subject narrated in the projection is a person struggling with
solitude in its most current meaning: a solitude made up of devices,
expectations, disillusionment and silence.
Working. Eating. Sleeping. Doing. In a reiteration that slowly gets lost in
the already seen and turns into imagination: something magical,
something that breaks down and becomes something else.

Through the direct use of our Leap Motion sensor and several Midi
Controllers, people become part of the creative process, deconstructing
the projected image according to their visual and auditory sensations.

Thanks to the movement of the hands it will be possible to manipulate
and generate videos and sounds in real time, having the opportunity to
live a unique visual and sound experience.

ONN People interactive installation

The story then passes the torch to the observer who, experimenting and
with the software, moves the image and discovers new
declinations of the video projected in front of him/her.

ONN People interactive installation comes from the concept of ONN Frame, an audio/video
live performance that debuted in September 2018 at the Palazzo delle
Esposizioni during the Live Cinema Festival.

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