Ph. Giulia Natalia Comito


“In history Pentesilea is a queen, a warrior, an invisible city, an asteroid and a symphony. Here Pentesilea is an artistic project, nurtured for years and left to settle before coming out of the closet.”

Pentesilea (Valentina Mignogna) is performer, singer, writer and composer.

She was born in Rome but at the age of 20 she moved to Milan.

She graduated in 2010 at the Academy of Dramatic Arts “Paolo Grassi” in Milan and over the years, in addition to her work as an actress, she specializes in music and writing through professional experience as a singer and composer.

Pentesilea started collaborating as actress and singer with national productions as LA7, RAI and with international productions as RSI and Polivideo for cinema and television. She also performed in collaboration with Paolo Grassi and SELA Performing Art Studio (Israel) in theater.

People saw her performances at La Biennale di Venezia (2016), Live Cinema Festival (2018) and Fotonica (2018).

As songwriter, performer and creative manager Pentesilea now collaborates with Ipologica, roman artistical collective focused on electronic music production, a/v live performances, dj-sets and artistic installations.

Her instruments, besides the voice, are piano, keyboards and loopstation.

As author and composer she writes for shows, performances, jingles and songs.