UNICA T-shirt

UNICA T-Shirt is out!

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UNICA T-shirt is out and we are very excited to present the first merchandise item available on our Bandcamp! We introduce to you the new amazing t-shirt by Pentesilea , this t-shirt is special because contains music inside… Well… not properly inside, but if you purchase a t-shirt you will have a download code of […]

Fabio Sestili "Do Something Ep"

Fabio Sestili “Do Something Ep” is out!

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Fabio Sestili “Do Something Ep” Fabio Sestili “Do Something Ep” is out on our Bandcamp and all major streaming service! This is the last release by Ipologica before the summer holidays, Fabio is going to play in some huge festival across Europe and wants to share some of his latest production with you. Info “Do […]

Pentesilea Unica

Pentesilea “Unica” is out!

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Pentesilea “Unica” is finally out! This is a special release for us and our Pentesilea because is the first release for her! Unica is available on our Bandcamp to purchase, gift, share and listen. Info “Unica” is the debut single of the Italian artist Pentesilea: her watershed song, her special amulet that started her to […]

Giulio Maresca Kanin Pyteca Malapensa

Giulio Maresca out on Pyteca VA “Malapensa”

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Giulio Maresca appears on the various artists compilation “Malapensa” on Pyteca, Italian techno label founded by young talented artists Vincenzo Pizzi. Kanin The track “Kanin” written and produced by Giulio is an exploration of an “industrial” hard soundscape; distorted drums and acid riffs develops alongside a dark evil voice and fiels recordings. Definetely the hardest […]