Fotonica Summer Edition 2019, Noto, Sicily.

Fotonica Summer

Fotonica Summer Edition 2019

The Summer Edition of the well known Fotonica Festival took place in Noto, one of the most beautiful city in Sicily.

The festival is organized by Fotonica Team and a local art association who curates the project IN & OUTSIDER ART.

The history, architecture and art of the city were a perfect frame for a festival based on audio video live performance and digital performing arts.

We sent our Giulio Maresca to represent Ipologica at the festival and join our friend visual artist LiZ to perform their live performance “RomeAge”.

Everything was ready (flight, instrument packed, reharsal done) when two other artists asked Giulio to perform with them improvising on stage!

Giulio, who is always happy to play live electronic music, made three live performance in three days and came back in Rome with a huge smile ๐Ÿ˜‰

1 – Saul Saguatti “Instant Film”

Saul Saguatti is an Italian video artist founder of Basmati Film.

His project called “Instant Film” is a live performance based on live video sampling and looping of draws on paper, different narrative path can be created and several layers of video loop generate a sort of chaos where the crowd can see different film and stories.

For this performance Giulio Maresca choose a similar approach sampling live the sounds of Saul and his papers.

On top of this layer of loops a broken drum and a deep bassline led the sonic journey developing a crescendo.

2 – Glowing Bulbs “OVV”

The second day Giulio had the chance to play with Gabor Kitzinger aka Glowing Bulbs, an Hungarian visual artist and Touch Designer enthusiast.

We already worked with him and FLxER Team for installations and video mapping, and we was really happy to collaborate with him in a live act!

His performance “OVV” is a digital environment where 3d object lives and develop, the interaction between shapes, sounds and physic is very strong and drive the public into new worlds.

3 – “RomeAge” with LiZ

Third day was the day of our project RomeAge!

Giulio and Liz brought on stage our collaborative audio video performance about our beloved city, Rome (more info here).

We are very proud of our guys and very happy to bring RomeAge in such a beautiful festival!

Below the promo video of RomeAge:

Thanks and hugs

The experience in Noto was great: a great festival, good food, wonderful sea and lovely people are always the perfect mix for a beautiful experience…

Giulio says: “Fotonica Summer Edition was very intense, I’m very happy that I could bring RomeAge with LiZ in such a beautiful place. The experience was great and was also a challenge for me to perform three days in a raw with different people but everything went right (I hope) and we had a lot of fun!
I spent four beautiful days with Fotonica Team and the guys in Noto, we also had the possibility to relax and spend some time on the beach which is incredible ๐Ÿ™‚
I want to thanks a lot Saul and Gabor who hosted me in their performance, we enjoyed a lot the improvisation.
A huge thanks goes to Gianluca Del Gobbo, Karima Ruzzi, Giuditta and Leo (Fotonica Team) and to the local team (the new family!) Niki, Daniela, Claudio and Sophie.
Dulcis in fundo a huge thanks and a big hug goes to my partner in crime LiZ who always let the screen shine!

I hope to come back next year with Ipologica crew (Fabio and Pentesilea would love the Sicilian food and sea).
Thank you!