Giulio Maresca – Diyapason (official video by Vjit)

giulio maresca diyapason

We are very happy to announce the 2nd videoclip on our Youtube channel! This time is “Diyapason” by Giulio Maresca from our limited release IPOLTD001.

For this video we made a collaboration with visual artist duo Vjit who worked with Giulio in the past with Container Project and Resiliens collective.

This is what Vjit says about “Diyapason”: “The dreamy sounds of Giulio Maresca are embraced by an aquatic landscape in continuous change. The human presence activates motions and moves balance. Then this presence withdraws to the margins of a fluid and timeless space. It’s a mental place, inhabited by passage figures, changing reflections of memories, shaded shadows of sensations. Nature becomes pure abstract form, emanation of consciousness reverberating in the sound.”

And what Giulio says about his composition: “Vibrations, recall of distant feelings, harmonious balance between nature and human being, Diyapason is an hypnotic journey through dreams and memories moving lightly like the sun’s rays on crystal clear water.”

Thank you for watching!