Fabio Sestili – Lovely Place (official video by LiZ)

fabio sestili lovely place

We are very happy to announce the release of the official video for Fabio Sestili‘s track “Lovely Place” from our limited release IPOLTD001!

The video is a collaboration with our beloved visual artists LiZ wich says: “I’ve done visuals for Fabio’s music in many events. This synergy produced an interesting dialogue. Lovely Place’s video is a synthesis of our collaboration. Stories of people who meet each other. Stories of planets gravitating in the same universe. Lovely stories.”

Fabio says about his composition: “We all have places we are fond of. The thought of these places often gives us embracing emotions, it calms us. When I was a child I spent most of my time at my grandmother’s house and every time I think back to those moments, smells, sounds and images emerge. Lovely Place is the place of memories.”

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Thank you.