Lux Perpetua at Labirinto della Masone – Parma

Lux Perpetua

Lux Perpetua

Lux Perpetua was a very special event in an unique location and we where present as a full team to join Quiet Ensemble.

Light Symphony

Quiet Ensemble presented their new site specific project: “Light Simphony”.
This time their work was based on a huge light design setup and our Fabio Sestili curates sound design giving voice to the equipment.
Fabio made a complex score based on mechanical sounds with industrial influences, he used synthethic and concrete sounds in a perfect equilibrium.

Sonic Lights

“Sonic Lights” was a site specific installation inside the pyramid.
A room full of neon tubes and fog, sound design was also curated by our Fabio.

The event took place at Labirinto della Masone built Franco Maria Ricci. Is the biggest labyrinth in the world made with bamboo and has a visionary architectural style.