Giulio Maresca out on Pyteca VA “Malapensa”

Giulio Maresca Kanin Pyteca Malapensa

Giulio Maresca appears on the various artists compilation “Malapensa” on Pyteca, Italian techno label founded by young talented artists Vincenzo Pizzi.


The track “Kanin” written and produced by Giulio is an exploration of an “industrial” hard soundscape; distorted drums and acid riffs develops alongside a dark evil voice and fiels recordings. Definetely the hardest composition made by him.

Kanin is the name of a mount at the border between Italy and Slovenia where Giulio took inspiration; harsh rocks and steep landscapes reflects the composition.

Listen “Kanin” here:

Malapensa tracklist

The compilation is made of ten tracks produced by artists with different backgrounds, below you find tracklist, credits and link to buy the release:

02. Vincenzo Pizzi – Get Down
03. Blasted – Chobin
04. Mila Dietrich – Slashing Girls
05. Sinner Rare – Genesi
06. E.V.A. – Sky Devourer
07. Giulio Maresca – Kanin
08. Nothing Is Real – Cold Optimism
09. OutpostLive – Consequence
10. Franz Rosati – Power Inferno

Master by Giuseppe Fusco
Artwork by Michela Maria Pizzi
Produced by Pyteca

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