RomeAge is an audio-video performance that investigates the relationship between art and technology by examining the symbolic places of Rome.

A relationship between ancient and modern is interpreted through new expressive forms; technology is used in the service of creativity and art, in a marriage of image and sound rich in emotions.

RomeAge – Giulio Maresca and LiZ

Giulio Maresca generates the audio in real time with synthesizers, sequences and electronic drums, outlining a dilated and changeable sound setting. Arpeggios, ambient sounds and modern rhythms project the listener in an abstract imagery.

romage giulio maresca
RomeAge – Giulio Maresca playing his toys

LiZ transforms and shapes the high definition images by creating parallel worlds in which shapes, colors and geometries expand the natural beauty of the city, symbol of ancient splendor.

romeage liz
RomeAge – Liz with her visuals on background

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