ONN a/v Live Performance

Look at the Sounds | Feel The Images

ONN is a constantly evolving audiovisual performance.

Shapes, geometries, video impressions, sounds and colors come together in a perfect dialogue generated in real time that leads the viewer to live different experiences.

The virtual environment broadens the possibilities of the man who transforms himself into a conductor of numbers and operating modules, in a symphony where randomness and control are both distant and connected elements.

FLxER and Ipologica shape image and sound giving life to “ONN” audio / video performance, exploring avant-garde synthetic worlds.


Behind this performance there is the work of different people, each with a unique background.

The team is composed by:

Gianluca Del Gobbo (Project Manager)

Liz (Visual Artist)

Giulio Maresca and Fabio Sestili (Music)

Emanuele Tarducci (Designer, Developer)

Gabor Kitzinger (Designer, Developer)

Gear used:


Macbook Pro running VDMX and TouchDesigner

Leap Motion Controller

Three projectors


Two Macbook Pro running Ableton Live synced with Link

Roland TR 8 Drum Machine

Novation Launch control XL Midi controller

Alesis Vi25 Midi Keyboard

ONN Gear used


ONN Particules


VDMX + Touch Designer