La Festa di Roma

ONN People – La Festa di Roma 2019

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La Festa di Roma is the official new year event organized by Comune di Roma, so… …happy new year to all of you! We started this 2019 in a great way, in a beautiful location with the right people. We joined FLxER Team, Flyer Communication, and Palaexpo to realize an audio visual interactive installation. La […]

Musei in Musica

ONN Frame at Musei in Musica 2018

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Hi there, our tour of the museums in Rome continues and this time we had the opportunity to perform our a/v show “ONN Frame” in the beautiful Centrale Montemartini for “Musei in Musica 2018” on 1st December. Musei in Musica “MiM” is a special event in Rome where the most important museums and historical sites […]


Fabio Sestili at Stasis

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Stasis Stasis is a new concept of party, we found their idea very interesting and we want to share and support this idea. Their manifesto: “Looking for a coherence between ends and means. Stasis’s group work as a developing community in a physical and virtual space. The medium that Stasis has chosen is crowdfunding, the […]