Giulio Maresca Live at Utopies

Giulio Maresca will perform live at “Utopies”.

Utopies is a new project focused on deep electronic techno music, a place where to listen and share the deepest sounds of techno and electronic.

First event will be on 22nd March 2018 at Evol club in Rome, line up:

Hydrangea (Semantica, Absolute Rec.)
Giulio Maresca live (Container, Ipologica)
Outpostlive – OPL live (Container, Absolute Rec.)
Lunatik (Absolute Rec.)
visual: BLDN

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G.Maresca in concert with Ramin Bahrami, Martux M

Giulio Maresca played alongside the great pianist Ramin Bahrami and electronic producer Martux M.

The project “Renaissance” is a crossover between classical and electronic music presented in July 2017 at Emilia Romagna Festival for the first time, the trio played on January 12th at Padova in an amazing location called “Sala dei Giganti”.

The setup involved in this concert is made of three computer running Ableton Live (one for Ramin Bahrami and two for Giulio and Martux M), Ramin Bahrami played on a beautiful Steinway and Sons Model D and also played synths.

Giulio and Martux M on their laptop have some synth, samplers and various fx chain to effect the piano sound in real time, Giulio also have a Roland TR-8 and a nice sound processing fx on his iPad called “iDensity”, Martux M also use Machine with different sound banks of percussion and glitch samples. Other gear as midi controllers and a mixer where used to tweak sounds during the concert.

Picture of  the electronic setup:

Check out the promo video:


F. Sestili & G. Maresca @ Forte in Wonderland

Fabio Sestili and Giulio Maresca played @ Forte Prenestino.

Fabio played a dj set mostly with his own music in a deep-tech-house/minial-progressive-techno style while Giulio played a deep-techno-acid-dub live set.

Forte In Wonderland was amazing, there where three stages and Fabio & Giulio played both in the chill out zone and in the pub. Great energies and superb music!


Fabio Sestili sonorize “Near Death”

Fabio Sestili sonorized the light installation “Near Death” made by the artist Diego Labonia.

The light installation has been realized in a cavern in the center of Rome.

“You can not describe it, you can not believe it, you have to live!
It is an attempt to recreate a place that has the best chance of making a momentary leap in the continuation of life beyond what we know. To break the scheme of the collective imagination, to put man back in the center of his being without dogmas and paradigms in absolute beauty … does it seem too much?”

Check more photos here

Diego Labonia organize RGB Light Experience – Roma Glocal Brightness

Here some short videos: