ONN Frame at Musei in Musica 2018

Musei in Musica

Hi there, our tour of the museums in Rome continues and this time we had the opportunity to perform our a/v show “ONN Frame” in the beautiful Centrale Montemartini for “Musei in Musica 2018” on 1st December.

Musei in Musica

“MiM” is a special event in Rome where the most important museums and historical sites are open till late to the public.

Lot of concerts, performances, artistic projects and weird stuff happens during the night and all the entrances fee are super cheap (1€) or free for who got the MIC card (a special card that allows you to visit museums in Rome for a small fee per year).

This year we joined FLxER Team and Flyer Communication and we presented our project ONN Frame.

ONN Frame

For this special occasion we decide to bring our latest project “ONN Frame”, was very exciting to perform in such a special location!

Below some picture made by Giulia Natalia Comito.

Centrale Montemartini

Centrale Montemartini is one of the most important museum in

It hosts industrial machines used to produce electricity when the museum was a power plant (the first public power plant in Rome).

Other than industrial archeology, now, you can find more than 400 Roman statue and unique pieces from that era.

Because of this the museum is the second biggest in the ethernal city.

This was a preview of the upcoming Fotonica Festival wich will take place from 7th to 15th December 2018.

See you there!